How to Enable Speakerphone on STE

Written by stephen lilley | 13/05/2017

An STE is a type of landline home telephone system. Of the many different features present on the STE, one is a speakerphone option. This allows you to talk on the phone and hear the person you're talking to without actually holding the phone receiver in your hand. You can turn on the speakerphone on your STE unit simply by pressing the appropriate button commands on the phone itself.

Pick up the telephone receiver off of your STE cradle.

Use the number keys to dial the phone number that you want to call. Wait a few seconds until you hear a ringing over the phone receiver's speaker.

Press the "SPKR" button on the STE telephone's cradle.

Set the phone receiver back down on the cradle. The speakerphone functionality of your STE phone is now on.

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