How to Sort by Birth Date in Excel

Updated April 17, 2017

Use Excel to sort data in your worksheets. When sorting data, make sure you use the proper data formats. This can be done by changing the cell properties to the appropriate data format. When sorting dates, select the date format that you want to use and apply it to all of the cells in the range. Once this is done, sorting can be done using the sort options on the Home tab.

Open Excel 2007 and select a workbook containing birth date data. Click the "Office" button and select "Open." Browse your files and locate the workbook. Click the workbook and select "Open." The workbook opens.

Highlight the range of data containing the birth dates. Right-click the highlighted range and select "Format Cells." On the "Number" tab, select the "Date" category. Select the date format that you want to use. Click "OK." All of your dates will now display the same format.

Highlight the entire range that you want sorted. Click the "Sort & Filter" button on the "Home" tab. Select "Custom" sort. In the drop-down list, select the column that contains your birth date information. Select "Largest to Smallest" order and click "OK." Your data is now sorted by the birth date in Excel.

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