How to stop absorbing fat

Updated July 18, 2017

If you struggle with diets and feel frustrated with the gym, choosing some natural products may help your body reduce the amount of fat it absorbs. Normally, fat is absorbed along the intestinal tract and into the blood; however, studies show some foods and supplements interfere with this process. While healthy eating and regular exercise should not be replaced with weight loss products, some natural supplements, foods and tea can help support healthy weight as well as a healthy lifestyle.

Take 2.4g of chitosan each day in the form of a supplement capsule. Chitosan is a fibre-like component of shellfish exoskeletons and has been found to absorb fatty substances. Chitosan is so effective that it is used industrially to absorb greases, oils and other toxic substances. A study by Andrew Jull from the University of Auckland showed Chitosan was effective for reducing cholesterol, absorbing fat and preventing weight gain in human subjects.

Eat apples, grapefruit and pears each day before meals. These fruit are rich in a natural plant fibre called pectin. Pectin binds with cholesterol, bile and fat in the intestinal tract and helps carry them outside the body. Pectin does not bind to minerals or other nutrients, with the exception of iron, and is a healthy fibre for proper digestion and elimination of toxins.

Drink at least 236ml of green tea daily. Research shows natural chemicals within green tea have a beneficial effect on weight and fat absorption. Researchers Sung Koo and Sang Noh from the University of Connecticut published findings in "The Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry" in 2007 showing that chemicals called catechins within green tea interfered with the digestion and absorption of fat within the intestines in humans. Green tea is a safe and healthy addition to one's lifestyle.

Take 2,000 mg of liquorice root extract daily. Liquorice is a useful herb that is becoming more recognised by the scientific community for its ability to help maintain weight. Chia Hui and Apphia Eu from Monash University claim in their study published in "Lipids in Health & Disease" in 2010 that liquorice extract reduced fat absorption, triglyceride levels, cholesterol levels and formation of new fatty tissues. Liquorice may cause an increase in blood pressure when taken for long periods of time, so consult with your health care professional if you have a pre-existing medical condition before taking this extract.

Speak with your doctor about prescription fat blockers. If your weight is a concern and none of the previous steps help, consult a professional. Prescription medication is often only required for people classified as obese. Speaking with a health care professional is recommended for anyone with concerns about weight, supplements and nutrition.


Consult with your health care professional before taking chitosan or liquorice extract, as these may be contraindicated with prescription medications. Avoid liquorice extract if you suffer from high blood pressure.

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