How to Remove Scratches & Scrapes on Laminate Flooring

Updated February 21, 2017

Laminate flooring is a cost effective alternative to hardwood flooring, featuring multiple colourings and shadings of wood. The water-resistant laminate is treated with aluminum oxide, which makes it scratch-resistant. Although, scratch-resistant, the laminate is not scratch-proof and can fall prey to scratches and scrapes which fortunately do not require sanding. With laminate floor repair kits you can fill the scratch with a matching colour to conceal the marks.

Remove embedded dirt inside the scratch or scrape with a plastic knife. Wipe the area clean with a damp rag.

Fill the scratch or scrape by working the wax pencil back and forth inside the imperfection on the laminate floor. Fill the area until it is flush with the rest of the flooring.

Wipe any excess wax from the area with a damp rag. Run the rag lightly over the top of the wax to smooth it down, but without lifting wax out of the flooring.

Avoid walking on the area for 24 hours to give the wax time to settle.

Scoop matching wood putty from the repair kit onto a plastic knife.

Fill the scratch with the wood putty. Push the putty into the scratch to avoid air bubbles. Fill the scratch till it is flush with the floor.

Wipe excess putty from the floor with a damp rag.


Repair scratches and scrapes on laminate flooring as soon as possible to keep dirt from penetrating too deeply inside the laminate. Take a sample piece of laminate flooring to the home improvement store to get an exact match for the repair kit. For large areas of damage, the entire laminate board may require replacing.

Things You'll Need

  • Plastic knife
  • Rag
  • Wax pencil
  • Wood putty
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