How Do I Fix a Pencil-Size Hole in a Motorcycle Radiator?

Updated July 20, 2017

If your motorcycle's radiator has a small hole in it, you can normally fix this problem without having to replace the radiator. Your motorcycle needs to have a properly working radiator at all time to cool the engine while the engine is running. If you do not have a properly working radiator, you will cause serious damage to the engine and other component around the engine block. This is a simple problem to fix and is inexpensive. Your local auto-parts store will have what you need, and you can patch the hole in little time.

Place the drain pan under the drain valve on the bottom of the radiator. Remove the drain valve plug using the wrench and drain the fluid from the radiator into the drain pan. Replace the drain valve plug and tighten the plug using the wrench.

Locate the hole on the radiator and fill the hole using the steel clay. Make sure that you push some of the clay inside the hole using your finger to completely seal the hole.

Smooth out the clump of steel clay using your finger. Make sure that you make the seal between the steel clay and the radiator flush with each other. Allow the steel clay to dry for 24 hours before you refill the radiator with fluid.

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