How to Replace a Tile Saw Blade

Written by sarabeth asaff | 13/05/2017

A tile wet saw can be used to cut through multiple types of tile. The standard blade which most tile saws come with is adequate for cutting through most stone, ceramic and porcelain tile with ease. If you wish to cut through glass tile or to make a bullnose edge on a tile, you must change the blade on the saw.

While every tile saw manufacturer will have their own specific instructions, most will operate in the same manner allowing you to change the blade with ease.

Inspect the tile saw. All tile saws have a protective cover over half or three-quarters of the blade. This cover should be hinged so you can raise it to change the blade. Some saws will have a wing nut tightening down the cover; remove this nut if necessary. Raise the cover to expose the entire blade.

Locate the nut in the centre of the blade on the exposed side. Use an adjustable wrench to loosen this nut and remove it. Slide the blade toward you off of the thread.

Inspect the new blade. It may require installation in one specific direction. If so, there will be arrows pointing to the direction you will slide it onto the threads. Locate these arrows and slide the new blade onto the threads.

Replace the nut and tighten it down as firmly as you can. Once it is tightened, back it off a quarter turn to avoid over-tightening and damage to the saw.

Lower the cover and replace the wing nut if necessary.

Things you need

  • Adjustable wrench

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