Cheap Way to Build a House

Updated April 17, 2017

Building a house on a budget is an easier task than you may think. There are a variety of options that will be more gentle on your wallet than traditional methods of building a home. The catch, however, is that you yourself will be doing more work. If you're able and willing to put some of your own blood, sweat and tears into the home building project, you will be pleasantly surprised at the money you will save. You'll also reap the satisfaction of knowing that your home is your personal creation.

Take charge. You can act as a general contractor. Find qualified individuals willing to assist you in building your home. Hire subcontractors for specialized jobs such as plumbing and roofing.

Research building codes and permits thoroughly. Your home may not pass inspection if codes are not up to date or permits are not obtained. Apply for all necessary building permits and follow codes exactly when constructing your home.

Contact home improvement stores for overstock materials. It is common to find building materials at discounted prices due to excess in shipping.

Get busy. Do whatever work you can do by yourself. Install flooring, bathroom and kitchen fixtures, cabinetry, etc. on your own. Utilize energy efficient building ideas that will keep future operating costs low.

Consider the alternative. Purchase a modular home instead of building a home. This option requires much less work and is often less expensive.


Consult a professional for jobs in which you may question your ability to complete.


Wear protective headgear while on the construction site.

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