How to Decode Ford VIN Numbers on a 1965 F-600 Truck

Updated July 20, 2017

The 1965 Ford F600 pickup truck is classified as a medium-duty vehicle. The Vehicle Identification Number is stamped on the rating plate. The VIN on a 1965 truck is only 11 characters long and provides limited information. Other information can be found on the plate such as wheelbase, paint code, front and rear axle codes, transmission codes, body type and special equipment. The build sequence started with the same number at all plants, resulting in many trucks with the same set of numbers. The uniqueness is found in the plant code.

Locate the VIN number stamped on the upper left side of the rating plate. The rating plate is riveted to the left-side door jam. The VIN is also found on the title.

Decode the first three characters to find the series. F60 and F61 were used for the 600 series truck.

Decode the fourth character to determine the engine size for a medium-duty truck. The code A is for a 330-cubic-inch, eight-cylinder, 160-horsepower engine; B was for a 300-cubic-inch, six-cylinder, 150-horsepower; D was for a 352-cubic-inch, eight-cylinder, 172-horsepower; and M was for a 330-cubic-inch, eight-cylinder, 160-horsepower, heavy-duty engine.

Decode the fifth character to find the truck assembly plant. The letter A is for Atlanta, Georgia; D for Dallas, Texas; E for Mahwah, New Jersey; F for Dearborn, Michigan; G for Chicago, Illinois; H for Lorain, Ohio; J for Los Angeles, California; K for Kansas City, Kansas; L for Michigan; N for Norfolk, Virginia; P for Twin Cities, Minnesota; R for San Jose, California; S for Allen Park, Michigan; T for Metuchen, New Jersey; U for Louisville, Kentucky; W for Wayne, Michigan; Y for Wixom Michigan; and Z for Saint Louis, Missouri.

Decode the remaining six characters to determine the build sequence of the pickup. The 1965 model numbers were 580001 through 731999.

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