How to disable kiosk mode

Updated April 17, 2017

"Kiosk Mode" is a built-in feature available in Internet Explorer 8. It is also available as an add-on for Mozilla Firefox. Kiosk Mode allows a user to view web pages in full-screen mode with toolbars, menu bars and the Command Bar disabled. This feature allows a greater amount of screen space to be dedicated to the website content. It is a useful feature for people who use laptops or other computers with small monitors.

Disable the Kiosk Mode in Firefox by removing the browser add-on. There is no option to turn the feature on or off with this add on. If the add-on is installed, Kiosk Mode is always active.

Enter Firefox Safe Mode by clicking on the "Mozilla Firefox (Safe Mode)" shortcut in the Mozilla Firefox program folder on the Windows Start Menu.

Click on the "Options" button on the control bar at the top of the page (this is available in Safe Mode because the Kiosk Mode add-on will not run).

Click on "Disable all add-ons." This will disable all of your installed add-ons. These can be added back later.

Click on the "Make changes and restart" button to open a new Firefox window.

Click on "Tools" and then "Add-ons." You can now select your other add-ons to turn them back on. The Kiosk Mode add-on will appear in the list as either "Real Kiosk" or "R-Kiosk."

Disable the Kiosk Mode in Internet Explorer by closing the current window and opening a new window normally.

Enable the Kiosk Mode by clicking on the Start menu and typing "iexplore -k" followed by the name of the website you wish to open (or nothing to open your home page), and then pressing "Enter."

Continue to use an Internet Explorer window with Kiosk mode activated and all websites will be displayed in Kiosk Mode.

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