How to Disable the Adobe AIR Update Function

Updated February 16, 2017

Adobe AIR works with Adobe Flash, HTML, JavaScript and ActionScript to create web pages and content as standalone applications, without the need to work in an Internet browser. AIR functions as a development solution for independent developers as well as larger businesses and corporations. AIR comes with an auto-update feature that automatically checks for and downloads the latest updates, then prompts the user to install them. If the AIR user wishes to disable the auto-update feature, this can be accomplished by downloading and running the AIR Settings Manager application.

Download the AIR SettingsManager, and save it to your computer.

Verify that you want to install the application, then click "Continue".

Click "Disable Updates" in the box that appears, then close the AIR SettingsManager.


If you disable automatic updates, check the Adobe website periodically for important updates to download.

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