How to Insert a Line in 2007 Excel

Updated February 21, 2017

In Microsoft Excel, lines are used to customise a spreadsheet, make a cell more prominent, or simply separate sections of a page. There are a variety of line options in Microsoft Excel 2007. As with Excel 2003 and earlier versions, you can apply line borders to cells, rows and columns on your spreadsheet. Excel 2007 also includes a shapes gallery that comes with other Microsoft Office applications. This gives you more options when inserting lines.

Open the spreadsheet where the line will be added.

Place your cursor in a cell you want to apply a line border to. To add a border to multiple cells in a column or row, highlight the cells.

Click on the "Border" button in the mini-toolbar that appears on your page, or go to the "Home" tab and select the "Border" button from the "Font" group.

Choose the border line you want to apply.

Select the "Insert" tab in the ribbon and click the "Shapes" command in the "Illustrations" group.

Go to the "Lines" section and choose the type of line you want to insert.

Hold down the left mouse button as you drag it across your page to form the line you wish to insert. To constrain the line (straighten it by force when it's inserted), hold down the "Shift" key on your keyboard as you draw the line.

Release your mouse when the line is the correct size.

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