How to Unlock a Car Door on a Honda Civic

Updated March 23, 2017

The Honda Civic is known for its sporty appearance as well as its impressive safety record (see References). Along with the airbags, high crash-test rating and anti-lock brakes, the Civic has a good system for locking the car. Unlocking the car doors can be done in several ways. From using the key to employing the handy remote transmitter, you can easily open your car when you need to get inside. Having several ways to unlock the Civic keeps you, your car and your possessions safe.

Press the unlock button on the remote transmitter once. This unlocks the driver's side door. Pressing the button again unlocks the passenger doors. The flashing of the Civic's lights indicates that the doors are unlocked. For some model years, the Civic's transmitter is built into the key itself.

Use the car key and unlock the two front doors. Place the key in the keyhole and turn it until you hear the lock pop up. The two front doors are the only ones the key unlocks.

Activate the master lock inside the driver's door. Unlock all the car doors by lifting the switch up or pressing the unlock side of the rocker switch, depending on the model year.

Use the individual locks inside each car door. When locked the tab at the top of the door panel is pressed down. Unlock it by pulling it up.

Disengage the child safety lock if the rear door won't open from the inside. To access the safety switch, unlock the door and open it from the outside. The switch will be accessible on the side of the door.


If you're locked out of your car and don't have your keys, call a motor club or a locksmith.

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