How to Remove a Password in Excel Macros

Written by lawrence stephens | 13/05/2017
How to Remove a Password in Excel Macros
Passwords on Excel macros can be easily removed. (data security image by dinostock from

Microsoft Excel allows you to password-protect your macros in Visual Basic for Applications (VBA). This protects macros from being edited by unauthorised users. If the data in a macro no longer needs to be protected, you can easily remove the password so that other users can view and modify the macro.

Open the Excel file from which you wish to remove the password.

Open the Visual Basic editor by pressing the "Alt" and "F11" keys simultaneously.

Enter the current password in order to view the project code.

Right-click on the project name on the left side of the window.

Click on "VBA Project Properties" and select the "Protection" tab.

Remove the check from the "Lock Project for Viewing" selection box. Near the bottom of the window, delete the current password.

Click "OK" to confirm your changes, and then save the document. The macro password should now be removed.

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