How to get ground-in dirt out of vinyl floors

Updated February 21, 2017

When you have soiled vinyl floors, floors with accumulated ground-in dirt that can't be removed with a regular sweeping with a broom or vacuum, you must figure out a more effective cleaning procedure that lifts this ground-in dirt without damaging the vinyl itself. There are a few ways you can rid ground-in residue from your vinyl floors that cost little, effectively remove the debris and won't damage the floor.

Mix 1/2 gallon white vinegar, 1/2 gallon hot water and 1/4 cup dish soap in a bucket.

Vacuum your floors to remove as much loose dirt as possible.

Dip a nylon scrubbing brush into the bucket of cleaning solution, and scrub over the vinyl floors. Start at one corner of the floor and work across to the other, using as much pressure as needed to scrub off the dirt. The nylon will not scratch or damage the vinyl.

Rinse the bucket and fill it with plain hot water.

Dip a mop into the bucket, squeeze out the mop and wipe it across the floor. This removes excess cleaning solution as well as leftover dirt.

Things You'll Need

  • Vacuum
  • Bucket
  • Nylon scrub brush
  • Water
  • Dish soap
  • White vinegar
  • Mop
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