How to Clean Dirt Build-Up Off of Laminate Floors

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While laminate floors are one of the least expensive ways to have a new floor, they may be difficult to keep clean. Laminate is a form of plastic, and while it is scratch-resistant, it is not scratchproof. Pets, toys and high heels will pit the floor permanently.

You cannot wax laminate, so dirt builds up on the floor and in the little nicks and scratches that occur with everyday wear and tear. This causes obvious dull areas in an otherwise glossy finish. One simple way to clean dirt build-up off laminate flooring is to sweep it daily.

Sweep or mop the floor daily, or as soon as you notice particles of dirt or grit. Use an electric broom or a soft cotton mop. Sweeping thoroughly will prevent many of the scratches and pits that mar the glossy finish.

Pour vinegar into a spray bottle if the floor is only mildly dirty. Expose laminate floors to as little moisture as possible. Vinegar helps to deodorise pet and cooking odours while it cleans. The aroma will dissipate as the floor dries.

Wrap a damp microfiber cloth around a sponge mop. Micro-fibre does the best job of cleaning dirt build-up, according to the Flooring Guide website.

Squirt the vinegar on the dirty areas of the laminate and mop. Be careful that the metal frame does not damage the laminate. You do not need to rinse floors washed with vinegar.

Dry the floor with a soft towel. This will remove all traces of dirt and moisture to help restore the glossy finish. Drying is the most important part of the cleaning process, according to the Mrs. Clean USA website.

Remove heel marks, paint, oil and permanent marker with rubbing alcohol.

Clean blood, fruit juice, tomato-based sauces, alcoholic beverages and soda with warm water.

Apply ice to chewing gum and candle wax. Gently scrape the wax or gum from the floor, and then wash the area with warm water and a microfiber cloth.