How do I collect burleigh ware?

Updated July 19, 2017

Burleigh ware, a type of collectable English pottery, dates from the 19th Century. The maker of Burleigh ware began production in 1851 under the name Hulme and Booth, but the business was later renamed Burgess & Leigh. This company, which is now known as Burgess, Dorling & Leigh, still produces high-quality English pottery. Collectable Burleigh ware comes in many patterns and forms, including teacups, bowls, dinnerware and platters. Because of the company's long history, knowing what to collect can be difficult. However, educating yourself on Burleigh ware is an easy and fun process that helps you build a beautiful collection.

Find out more about the pottery. Some pieces of Burleigh ware are more collectable than others. Because some new pieces are made from archival moulds, a novice collector could have a hard time telling classic pieces from current ones. Visit your local bookstore and library to look for collector's guides such as "Collecting Burleigh Ware" by Elizabeth R. Coupe or "Burleigh: The Story of a Pottery" by Julie McKeown. Internet sites, such as Perfect Pieces: Specialists in British Pottery, offer guides that show how to recognise the pottery's distinctive backstamp.

Search antiques and collectibles stores. Concentrate on larger stores that will have more extensive inventories or ones that specialise in pottery. Let the store owners know about your interest in Burleigh ware pottery so they can contact you if they receive any. Also, conduct online searches at large Internet antiques stores, such as Ruby Lane or Trocadero. These virtual antiques malls feature many dealers with wide and quickly changing selections.

Search online auctions. A website such as eBay is a favourite hunting ground for Burleigh ware collectors. Also, these sites can be good places to see pictures of many different patterns of the pottery, as well as to learn how much people are willing to pay for specific pieces. Look through completed auctions to learn what the market price is for the pottery.

Hunt for Burleigh ware through china replacement services. Companies that sell replacement china have a huge inventory of diverse pieces. Replacements, Ltd. has an extensive selection of the pottery and features pictures and pricing information on its website.


If you are interested in starting a collection of contemporary Burleigh ware pottery, go to the Burleigh, Dorling & Leigh company website for information on current shapes and patterns.


Because Burleigh is a British company, many of the eBay sellers listing the pottery may be overseas. Factor in shipping charges when purchasing from these sellers. Also, check sellers' feedback and return policies.

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