How to Adjust the Touchpad Sensitivity on an Acer Aspire

Updated July 07, 2018

Acer computers have been in existence since 1999, with laptops being introduced in the early 2000s. The Acer Aspire sports a touchpad that is manufactured by Synaptics Incorporated. The touchpad ships with a default setting, but the level can be too fast for some or too slow for others. Fortunately, you can adjust the touchpad sensitivity so the touchpad offers the best experience for you.

Click "Start" and select "Control Panel" from the main menu. When the Control Panel opens, select "Hardware and Sound," then select "Mouse."

Adjust the slider bar toward "Slow" if the double-click is too fast for your tastes, or toward "Fast" if it is too slow. To test the speed, double-click on the folder icon to the right of the slider bar. If you would like the option of selecting or highlighting text with the touchpad, check the "Turn on ClickLock" box. Click the "Settings" button to adjust how long you have to hold the cursor in place before highlighting the text. Click "OK."

Click "Apply" on the main dialogue box. Once the changes are saved, click "OK."


If the sensitivity of the touchpad still is not right, repeat the steps and readjust until the touchpad meets your needs.


Depending on the amount of RAM your computer has, optimising the touchpad to its maximum settings, i.e., fast double-click and fast ClickLock, can cause the touchpad to hang. If this happens, slow the setting to a point where the touchpad no longer hangs.

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