How to Adjust Honda Throttle Cables

Updated April 17, 2017

The throttle cables on your Honda motorcycle open and close the throttle to let in more or less fuel. This controls your engine's speed as you ride. Throttle cables play a major role in the way your motorcycle drives, its smoothness of acceleration and deceleration, and the overall performance of your engine. You can adjust the throttle cables of your bike in a few steps.

Make small adjustments to the throttle cable tension at the top of the cable near the throttle grip. The adjusters located below the throttle grip are for small adjustments of only a few millimetres. Pull back the rubber dust cover on the throttle cable exits to reveal the adjusters.

Loosen the locknut of both cable adjusters using a 10mm wrench. Twist the adjusters clockwise to tighten the cable. Twist them until there is some resistance when turning the wrench, then turn the adjusters back about a quarter of a turn to give the cable some play. Tighten the locknuts and replace the rubber dust covers.

Make large adjustments to the throttle cable tension at the lower part of the cable, near the throttle body. The adjusters located at the throttle body are for adjustments of a centimetre or more. If your Honda motorcycle has been ridden for years and has not had the cable adjusted, this is where you should be working.

Loosen the lower locknut of both cables using a 12mm wrench. Twist the adjusters clockwise until you feel a slight resistance, then turn them back about a half-turn to give the cables more play. You should be able to move the bare cable about 2mm side to side when the cable tension is correct.

Tighten the lower locknut of both cable adjusters to keep the adjusters from spinning and loosening the cable as you ride. Take the bike for a test ride to be sure the throttle action is responsive and snappy.

Things You'll Need

  • 10mm wrench
  • 12mm wrench
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