How to track somebody's phone to know their location

Updated February 21, 2017

If you wish to track someone's phone so that you know his location, an easy way to do so is by installing free GPS software on his phone. This will allow the person to share his location with you by sending you a text message. The phone will need to be Internet enabled, but once the application is installed you will be able to track the person's phone anywhere that it can receive a signal.

Get a web-enabled cell phone. If you do not have one, you can purchase one online or from a local mobile phone store. You can get an inexpensive prepaid one for £32 as of 2010.

Choose an application that will allow you to track the phone using GPS. Three that you can use for free as of 2010 are Mologogo, Glympse and amaze.

Download Glympse to the cell phone. This application is designed to work with the iPhone, the Android and any cell phone using Windows Mobile. Click on "Send Glympse" to share your location with someone and enter the name of the person from your Contacts list. This will send a text message and e-mail to the person's cell phone with a link. When the person clicks on the link, your location will instantly be shared with her on a map. You can choose the amount of time that the user can see your position--anywhere from a few minutes to permanently.

Download and install amaze. This application works with hundreds of models of phones; a complete list is available on the company's website. You can install a Facebook app on your account and ask your friends or family members to install it as well. This will allow you to share the phone's location with them. If they install amaze, you will also be able to see where they are in relationship to you. If they don't install the application, you can simply send them a text message from amaze, which will show them a map with your location provided that they also have a web-enabled phone.

Download and install Mologogo. This program runs over Google Maps and allows you to use three different map views: a satellite view where you can see actual photographs of the planet, a map view where the streets are labelled, and a hybrid that combines the two. You will need to register with the website, providing a user name, password and e-mail address. You can then log in and track the phone from any computer, PDA, or web-enabled cell phone. The phone's location is updated in real time, and you can use the "+" and "-" buttons to zoom in and out of map.

Things You'll Need

  • GPS application
  • Internet-enabled mobile phone
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