How to Reset an Infinity Car Stereo

Updated February 21, 2017

Infinity car stereos can be reset by removing the fuse and then plugging it back in, or by disconnecting the car battery and then reconnecting it after a few minutes. These methods, however, create another problem: completely erasing your pre-settings. There is a way to reset the stereo without this by-product, though, by working with the ECU, or engine control unit. A computer that is responsible for more than just the radio, the ECU also controls other features like the air conditioning, exhaust, spark plug timing and fuel injection.

Turn the ignition switch on, but do not start the engine. This is typically achieved by turning the key to the first position, or one click instead of two. (Two clicks will typically start the car.) Make sure your car is in the “Park” position throughout this procedure to ensure no accidents happen.

Wait three seconds after you turn on the engine, and then press the accelerator down all the way. Release the accelerator five times in the span of five seconds. Count to five; release and press down again once each second. Don’t do it too fast or too slow. Use a timer, if you find it to be beneficial in keeping track of time.

Wait seven seconds, then press the accelerator down all the way once more. Hold the accelerator down for 10 seconds. The "Check Engine" light will begin to blink slowly.

Let go of the accelerator and press down again for 10 seconds. The light will go off, and then start to blink again, but faster this time. Let go of the pedal, turn off the car, and then turn it back on but do not start the engine.


Never reset your ECU if you have fuel additives. This applies to higher-octane fuel if you don’t normally use this type of fuel regularly.

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