How to Become an Air Hostess for Emirates

Updated April 17, 2017

Working as an air hostess with Emirates Airlines means working for an airline with a reputation for being the best. Commitment to quality service standards defines Emirates Airlines and begins with selecting the best personnel to represent the company in-flight. Cabin crew personnel, such as air hostesses, can expect to encounter a team environment on the job, along with ample training and personal development. The recruiting process involves employing from more than 80 countries internationally, where candidates complete on online application if they meet the initial requirements. From there, interviews and assessments are scheduled at a recruiting centre, and then, if accepted, candidates move onto the cabin crew training program.

Visit the Emirates Airlines recruiting web site to fill out an application online. Click on the “Explore Our Careers” link and select the link for “Cabin Crew” to gain an overview of what it is like working for Emirates Airlines as a cabin crew member or air hostess.

Register on the web site to obtain a user name and password and then log into the site and fill out an application for consideration as a cabin crew member. You should list all work experience and education. Any customer service or hospitality experience is an advantage.

Register to attend a global assessment in your area. This assessment measures your ability to perform as a cabin crew member and your overall presentation and professionalism. You should attend an assessment in the country where you hold citizenship, unless you are working in another country on a valid employment pass.

Complete the cabin crew training program as required by Emirates Airlines. Those selected after the global assessment will receive a contract offering them work as a cabin crew member with Emirates Airlines. To work as an air hostess or cabin crew member, all trainees must complete and pass the cabin crew training. This training consists of both in-class and on-the-job training. Thereafter, cabin crew members start at a Level II, working in economy class. Those performing well may then progress to business and first class or into management.


Image is important for cabin crew members. Candidates must exhibit a professional, neat appearance. In addition, candidates must be able to respond to emergencies during flight and render first aid in situations that may require it. This requires candidates to be tall enough to reach into the overhead compartments by standing on their tiptoes.


Overweight candidates will not qualify for a position as a cabin crew member. Cabin crew must be physically fit in order to act in an emergency.

Things You'll Need

  • High school diploma
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