How to Add a Green Belt Certification to Your Resume

Updated April 17, 2017

Green Belt Certification is a Six Sigma training course that tells the lean manufacturing industry that you have achieved a level of excellence in your knowledge and abilities in understanding and implementing Six Sigma tools. Having Green Belt Certification increases your value to companies that practice Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma. When you add Green Belt Certification to your resume it should show as both an achievement and a training certificate. Companies use keyword phrases to sort through employment applications. Present a strong, quantifiable resume to showcase your Green Belt Certification.

Design your contact information. According to, Purdue Owl On-line Writing Tool, "Employers will probably look first and last at your contact information section, so it's well worth your time to make this section easy-to-read and appealing to the eye." Choose a resume design that is easy to read and not too lengthy. Printing your resume on light green paper may help them remember you are Green Belt Certified.

List your career goals on your resume. Don't be too specific to any one industry. Green Belt Certification is valued in many types of companies such as the manufacturing, health-care, and insurance industries. Instead, list the type of career goal such as Lean Specialist, Six Sigma Champion or Lean Coordinator.

Highlight your skills by listing your qualifications and strengths. Detail past performances from previous jobs that stand out so that your future employer can understand which of your skills are transferable. A transferable skill might include a strong background in customer service. Customer service skills are widely used in different industries. Denote transferable skills that compliment your Green Belt Certification.

List your achievements in Six Sigma or as a Green Belt. Achievements are usually measurable and result in some kind of improvement. Detail projects you worked on and give real improvement stats. You might say, for example: "Improved quality by 15% over 3 months." Pique the interest of your future employers. They will want to now know how you accomplished your achievements. Be factual and concise.

Showcase your experience. List your previous Green Belt title with the company you worked for last. Continue to list past employers starting with the most recent. List Green Belt projects so potential employers understand your level of Six-Sigma experience. Provide specific dates, company names, titles you held within the company, and the city and state for each past employer's location. Employers will pay attention to the dates you were employed. If there is a gap between jobs, you will need to provide a brief statement explaining why you were not employed during that period.

List your education: Put the most recent education first. List dates of attendance and degree type. Emphasise only the skills that pertain to your degree program. If you did not graduate from college, list the level of education you did achieve. Do not list your Green Belt Certification under education. Green Belt Certification is categorised as specialised training.

List specialised training. This is where you will showcase your Green Belt Certification. Any additional training completed after Green Belt training such as; lean tools, 5s, or ergonomics, can be subcategorised by name under Green Belt training. It is not necessary to list dates in the subcategories. You will only list dates when you move on to the next level of Six-Sigma certification which is Black Belt Certification.

Share what matters to you by listing special interests such as volunteering, or reading books to students. Show your future employer more than what's in your resume. Personalising your resume will get you noticed. If you volunteered to work on Green Belt projects, make sure you list just the number of hours. Employers will view you as persistent and efficient.


Note that you will provide references when requested. This shows your employer you have verifiable references. Detail your resume to suit the job you are applying. You may need to make several versions of your resume to appeal to different job descriptions. For Green Belt customer service jobs you want to highlight your people skills and for Green Belt manufacturing jobs you want to highlight your lean manufacturing skills.

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  • List of career goals
  • List of qualifications
  • List of job experience
  • List of education
  • List of special interests
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