Kensington Laptop Lock Instructions

Updated February 21, 2017

Kensington laptop locks feature a strong security cable, which when wrapped around an immobile anchor, keeps thieves from walking away with your computer. The lock provides a proven deterrent by attaching a combination based locking mechanism directly to the Kensington security slot on the side or rear of your laptop. Using the cable is a quick and simple process with most users able to complete the locking process in under a minute. In addition, the combination is user selectable, allowing you to choose a four-digit combination that's easy for you to remember, but difficult for criminals to work out on a number-by-number basis.

Set the combination for the lock for the first time by turning the combination dials to the factory preset combination of "0000."

Insert the two-pronged lock Reset Tool into the two holes located to the sides of the lock button at the end of the lock. Turn the Reset Tool in a clockwise direction until the two black lines on the edge of the lock align into a single line running from the centre of the lock to the outer rim.

Turn the dials of the lock until it displays the four-digit combination of your choice.

Turn the Reset Tool counterclockwise until it no longer rotates, and then remove the tool from the slots to set the new combination. To change a set combination, repeat the process using your four-digit code rather than the factory preset.

Locate the security lock hole in the rear of your laptop. Identify the hole by searching for a small opening in the case with a symbol of a padlock.

Wrap the lock cable around an object that you cannot move or take apart to extract the cable. Slip the lock through the loop in the end of the cable.

Place the T-bar on the end of the lock into the security hole of the laptop. Press the lock button on the end of the lock opposite the T-bar and turn the lock 90 degrees in a counterclockwise direction to engage the T-bar in place. Hold the lock button depressed and then rotate the lock combination dials to display a random number, not the combination number. Release the lock button and pull on the lock to ensure that the lock holds the laptop securely in place.

Open the lock by pressing the lock button and turning the dials to your combination. Turn the lock 90 degrees clockwise and remove the T-bar from the security slot.

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