How to register a security company

Updated November 21, 2016

Security companies are used in many ways, from roaming guards at schools and malls to protecting individuals from harm. Because of the job that security guards do, the companies that they represent are generally required to register with their county and state for a license to operate, so the company can be monitored for compliance with requirements, especially if the security officers are carrying firearms.

Decide on the name of your company. If you are not using your own name for the company, then you will need to make sure the name you want is not already taken. It is best to pick several names just to be safe.

Go to the county clerk's office or tax office to obtain a Doing Business As form and fill it out. They should have a database that can be checked to see if the name you chose is already being used in the county or state. Fill out the form and turn it in.

Register your company with the IRS and obtain a Federal ID number. This is only needed if you are going to hire employees; otherwise you can use your social security number.

Request a business license from the same office. The fee for this license will vary from place to place and is sometimes based on the type of business. Fill out the form, including business location. Receiving a license might take up to a couple of weeks depending on the location. Some towns or counties will send the license through the zoning department to make sure that the business location is zoned for your company's type of work.

Contact your insurance agent to find out what insurance coverage your security business needs to keep to be in compliance with the county as well as the state.

Check with your state's business licensing requirements to see if security companies require state licensing. If so, follow your state's procedures for this. Many states will require you to have training, and fingerprinting, if your company will be using firearms. Apply for state licenses if required and pay any fees.

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