How to use dremel tools for hobbies

Updated February 21, 2017

Dremel is a brand of high speed rotary tool with many different accessories and bits available for a variety of hobbies, crafts and household chores. Dremel rotary tools are small enough to handle with ease, but powerful enough to carve, cut and shape glass, metal and wood. No matter what type of hobby you enjoy, chances are that there is a special Dremel bit or accessory to make the project faster and easier.

Use the Dremel carbide bid and the attachment stylus to etch a design in a mirror or glass object. Etching is a hobby that often relies on harmful chemicals in etching creams to carve into the glass or mirror surface. Use a Dremel tool to avoid using harmful etching creams. Trace or draw the desired design onto the mirror or the glass, and then go over the outline with the Dremel tool to cut, or etch, the pattern into the surface.

Cut metal into shapes for metal art hobbies or cut designs into metal sheets using the metal cutting bit for your Dremel tool.

Route decorative edges on wooden cabinet doors or route designs on woodworking projects with the Dremel plunge router attachment and various router bits. If your hobby involves building decorative wood projects, a Dremel can come in handy.

Drill holes in glass, wood, metal and plastic using Dremel drill bits appropriate for the material. Making beads, jewellery, wind chimes and other hobbies rely on holes drilled in just the right places for assembly purposes. Make wooden bird houses or turn stained glass bits into beads with the right Dremel drill bit.

Carve letters or images into wood using a Dremel wood carving bit and stylus attachment. If your hobby is making signs or decorative wooden plaques, you can use the Dremel to cut each letter, number or image to a uniform depth. The Dremel can also carve around the outside outlines to create a raised effect. If you prefer working with ceramics, use the carbide cutter bit to carve through ceramic or terra cotta planters to make luminaries for your garden.

Things You'll Need

  • Dremel tool
  • Dremel carbide bit and stylus
  • Dremel metal cutting bit
  • Dremel router bit and plunge router attachment
  • Dremel drill bits
  • Dremel wood carving bit
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