How to Repair a PDF

Written by tyran dewalt | 13/05/2017
How to Repair a PDF
Repair your PDF with a PDF repair tool. (laptop pc image by Albo from

A PDF (portable document fomart) file is the format used by Adobe Acrobat Reader. PDF files contain hyperlinks, texts and images. If you have a corrupt or damaged PDF file, using a PDF repair tool is the surest way to repair it. This tool is useful for times that you need to recover a PDF with valuable information.

Visit the PDF Tools website (See Resources).

Click "Browse" and locate the PDF file that you wish to repair. Upload the file.

Click the "Load PDF" button and click "Execute."

Click "Save As" once the errors are found and repaired.

Download and install Recovery Toolbox (See Resources).

Run the Recovery Toolbox set-up and follow the prompts to complete the installation.

Open the tool and upload the damaged PDF file under the "Source file name" section.

Click "Analyze" to repair the file.

Download and install the trial version of PDF Fixer (See Resources).

Run PDF Fixer the set-up and complete the installation.

Open PDF Fixer and click "Browse" to locate the damaged PDF. Allow the tool to repair the file.

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