How to Build Your Own Racing Go-Kart

Updated February 21, 2017

Use a go-kart kit and an old lawnmower engine to build your own go-kart. Using a lawnmower engine as your go-kart engine saves money without sacrificing engine quality. Go-karts allow you to practice racing techniques and dynamic driving manoeuvres within the safety of an enclosed track. You also can hone your go-kart skills on empty streets or car parks. Check local and state laws before operating a go-kart outside of a designated track. Some states ban driving a go-kart on streets without a driver's license, or when under the age of 18.

Remove the engine of an old lawnmower. Loosen the bolts and screws that attach the blade to the lawnmower deck and remove the blade. Detach the engine from the mower deck by disconnecting all wires that connect the engine to the lawnmower.

Use the socket wrench to assemble the go-kart frame from the kit. Connect the four corners of tubing to assemble the square frame. This frame supports the weight of the go-kart. Go-kart frame specifics vary by brand, so check the instructions manual for additional guidelines.

Attach the front and back spindles of the go-kart, using the wrench and the screws included in the go-kart kit. Add the wheels to the spindles and secure the wheels using a bolt. Check the instructions manual on the kit for specifics on attaching the wheels.

Attach the top railing to the frame of the kart. Tighten the bolts on the top railing to keep it in place.

Mount the engine to the back of the go-kart. Place the engine on its side and bolt it to the back of the go-kart. Connect the engine to the go cart by pulling the engine's chain around the go-kart's cog. Check the instructions manual for specifics on the go-kart engine.

Finish assembly by attaching the brakes and steering wheel. These parts are specific to each go-kart kit, so check the manual.

Things You'll Need

  • Go-kart kit
  • Nuts
  • Bolts
  • Socket wrench
  • Screwdriver
  • Lawnmower
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