How do I Install a Fan Trellis?

Updated February 21, 2017

A fan trellis is a decorative and effective way to support vertical climbing plants. A fan trellis consists of a stake at the bottom with latticework that is fanned out at the top of the trellis. The stake is designed to be inserted into the ground. The trellis is further stabilised with an upright support or wooden stake. Once installed, a fan trellis is a sturdy and elegant way to support plants around your landscape.

Select the prepared flower bed where you would like to locate the trellis. Center the trellis at the back edge of the prepared bed. Push the stake that is on the bottom of the trellis into the ground as far as you can by hand.

Tap the trellis into the ground with a rubber mallet while holding the trellis upright until the stake at the bottom of the trellis is completely in the ground. Place a post level against the trellis to verify that it is level.

Drive a wooden stake that is 24 inches longer than the trellis into the ground directly behind the stake on the trellis with a rubber mallet. The top of the stake should be flush with the top end of the centre lattice.

Drive screws through the front of the centre trellis lattice into the wooden support stake. Space the screws every 6 inches.

Check the trellis again to make sure that it perfectly upright and level using a post level. Adjust as needed, and pack the ground around the bottom of the support stake with your feet.


Paint the support stake the same colour as the trellis to help it blend in better, especially if the back of the trellis is exposed to passersby.


Wear eye protection when operating power tools.

Things You'll Need

  • Mallet
  • Fan trellis
  • Post level
  • Wooden stake, 24 inches longer than trellis height
  • Box, coated wood screws
  • Screw gun
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