How to Connect a MacBook to an iPhone Bluetooth

The Macbook computer is one of the laptops produced by Apple Computers. The iPhone is a smartphone also produced by Apple. Both devices have built-in Bluetooth, which allows them to connect wirelessly to a number of devices. In the case of the iPhone, the Bluetooth connection allows you to send and receive files between the iPhone and the Macbook.

Turn on the Macbook and locate the "Bluetooth icon" in the top right corner of the screen. The icon is located near the battery, volume and clock icons.

Click once on the "Bluetooth icon" and select "Turn Bluetooth on" from the list of available options. Click on the "Bluetooth icon" again and verify that there is a check mark next to "Discoverable." If there is not, click "Discoverable" once.

Turn on the iPhone and touch the "Settings" icon on the "Home Screen." Select "General" under the "Settings" menu, followed by "Bluetooth."

Tap the "Bluetooth On" option and wait for the status to switch from "Off" to "On."

Wait for a pop-up to appear on the Macbook screen prompting you to enter a four-digit "pass key." If this does not happen, click on the "Bluetooth icon" on the Macbook and select "iPhone" under the list of "Devices."

Enter a four-digit code of any combination of numbers when prompted. Wait for a notification to appear on the iPhone screen and enter the same four-digit code on the iPhone to complete the connection.

Select "Browse Device" under the "Bluetooth icon" on the Macbook and select the "iPhone" option. You can now view files on the iPhone and transfer files between the devices.


Sometimes the iPhone may ask for the "pass key" before the Macbook. In this case enter a four-digit code on the iPhone then wait for the Macbook to ask for the code and enter the same one. Turn off Bluetooth on both the Macbook and the iPhone to conserve battery life when not in use by selecting "Turn off Bluetooth."


Note that when you try to pair to a Bluetooth device in an area with other Bluetooth-enabled devices nearby you may see multiple devices, including other iPhones. If prompted to require a "pass key" or "code" for pairing, select "yes" to ensure you do not accidentally allow other devices access to your Macbook or iPhone files.

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