How to Train as a Wind Turbine Technician

Updated February 21, 2017

Wind turbine technicians are professionals who maintain, inspect and repair turbines used in the emerging wind energy industry. Wind is an important alternative energy source. According to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, if wind generates 20 per cent of American electricity by 2030, the use of natural gas in the United States would drop by about 11 per cent and reduce gas costs. Average wind technician turbine salaries in 2010 were £23,400, according to Just a few steps involving one to two years of schooling can help you to train as a wind turbine technician.

Take high-school courses in subjects such as an introduction to computers, welding, blueprint reading, drafting and metalworking, according to Des Moines Area Community College in Iowa. These classes will prepare you for a college-level program in the wind turbine technician industry.

Look for college programs that will prepare you to become a wind turbine technician. Many of these are in the Midwest. These programs typically lead to an associate degree and require two years of study. Some programs also lead to a certificate/diploma and last about a year. An associate degree program usually includes more advanced career courses that qualify you for not only entry-level technician jobs but also jobs as wind turbine operators or even supervisors, according to Iowa Lakes Community College.

Apply to the school you are interested in attending. Schools usually will require you to submit your high school diploma or GED. Some colleges also will require you to submit transcripts from high schools or colleges you previously attended as well as recommendation letters, a personal statement and/or a record of your work experience, according to Highland Community College in Illinois. You additionally might have to pass math and writing entrance/placement tests.

Take courses on topics such as hand and bench machine tools as well as electricity principles, according to Des Moines Area Community College. In addition, learn about hydraulics and pneumatics, pump repair and the use of a milling machine in a lab environment. Other classes in a wind turbine technician training program cover technical math, information systems, motors/controls, meteorology and wiring. You also might learn about the diagnosis of wind turbines, data acquisition and management principles, reports Iowa Lakes Community College.

Complete an internship in the wind turbine technician field. Look for opportunities, for example, at manufacturing facilities that fabricate wind turbine equipment. Your college's career services department should be able to provide information about potential internship sites near you.

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