How to Drive a Honda CBR600

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How to Drive a Honda CBR600
Take motorcycle safety seriosly. Wear a helmet when riding a CBR 600. (motorcyclist. image by Yuri Bizgaimer from

Since its introduction to the motorcycling world as the "Hurricane" in 1987, Honda's CBR 600 sport motorcycle has been synonymous with high-performance. Whether its an original Hurricane or a modern CBR 600RR, the CBR has been praised for its user-friendly power delivery and nimble chassis, making it a perfect motorcycle for both new and seasoned riders. Spending some quality time in the saddle and practicing in a safe environment pays dividends when you finally venture out onto the street, so take each practice ride seriously. Just remember that learning to ride a CBR takes time and patience.

Skill level:

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  1. 1

    Place both hands on the handlebar. Take note of the kill switch on the right handlebar's switch pod, positioned just above the starter button.

  2. 2

    Pull in the clutch lever on the handlebar to disengage the clutch, allowing you to shift with the lever in front of the left foot peg. Release the clutch lever to re-engage the clutch.

  3. 3

    Pull in the front brake lever on the right handlebar to engage the front wheel's brakes. Push the foot lever near the right foot peg to engage the rear wheel's brake.

  4. 4

    Roll the right handlebar's hand grip toward you to open the throttle, increasing the engine's revolutions per minute (rpm). Roll the hand grip forward to close the throttle.

  5. 5

    Shift into a different gear, using the lever in front of the left foot peg, while pulling in the clutch lever. Press the shift lever down to shift out of neutral and into first gear. Press the shift lever up to shift into a higher gear, up to sixth gear. Neutral is found between first and second gears.

  1. 1

    Turn the ignition switch on, using the ignition key. Flip the kill switch into the "Run" position with your right thumb. Press the starter button.

  2. 2

    Raise the kickstand with your left foot. Pull in the clutch lever. Shift into first gear, using your left foot to press the shift lever down.

  3. 3

    Release the clutch lever until the CBR begins to roll forward. Open the throttle slowly, using your right hand to roll the right hand grip toward you. Release the clutch lever completely as the motorcycle begins to pick up speed. Open the throttle until you reach a comfortable speed.

  4. 4

    Slow down, using the front or rear brake. Use both front and rear brakes for normal stopping or to provide additional braking in an emergency. Release the brake lever before accelerating again.

  5. 5

    Turn at speeds below 10 miles per hour, turning the CBR's handlebars in the direction of the turn. When turning at speeds over 10 miles per hour, use a technique called counter-steering to press the side of the handlebar in the direction of the turn. For example: turn left by pressing the left handlebar forward. Press the opposite handlebar to straighten the CBR after completing the turn.

  6. 6

    Pull in the clutch lever and close the throttle. Push the shift lever upward, using your left foot to shift into second gear. Release the clutch lever. Open the throttle to accelerate. Repeat as needed until you have shifted into sixth gear.

  7. 7

    Pull in the clutch lever and close the throttle. Push the shift lever down, using your left foot, to down shift into a lower gear. Blip the throttle, using a snapping motion with your right hand, to increase the engine's rpm. Release the clutch lever. Open the throttle. Repeat as necessary to down shift back into first gear.

  8. 8

    Down shift into first gear and pull in the clutch lever. Apply both brakes to come to a complete stop. Tap the shift lever upward, using your left foot, to shift into neutral. Lower the kickstand with your left foot. Set the kill switch to the Off position and remove the key from the ignition.

Tips and warnings

  • Ride safely! Always wear a helmet when riding your CBR600. Don't neglect to blip the throttle when down shifting. The rear wheel can lose traction if the engine speed is reduced during a gear change.
  • Learning to counter-steer a motorcycle into a turn takes some time getting used to. Practice counter-steering often until this vital skill becomes natural.

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