How to Dissolve Eye Floaters

Updated July 20, 2017

Eye floaters are actually debris that float through the vitreous fluid in your eye. They are caused by gel-like pieces of the back of your eye casting shadows in your vision. An annoyance, they signal trouble only if there is a sudden sharp increase in their numbers along with light flashes, as this usually precedes the detachment of a retina. Unfortunately, there is no easy way to remove them yourself, but they will fade over time. In cases where they block vision, doctors can remove them surgically.

Talk with your doctor. Most doctors do not recommend surgery for removal of eye floaters, as they are a benign condition. In serious cases, something called a vitrectomy will be done, which is essentially the replacement of the eye's fluids with a saline solution.

Consult a ophthalmologist who does laser removal of eye floaters. There are only a handful of them in America, many of whom are based in Florida. The procedure entails destroying floaters with a laser, and has a 95 per cent success rate.

Decide whether or not the problem warrants the drastic solutions. You should consider proceeding with surgery only if your everyday life is disrupted or affected by eye floaters.


If you still wish to proceed with surgery, be aware that complications can arise from either method. Detached retinas are common after vitrectomies, and laser treatments carry similar risks.

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