How to Reset a Canon Camera

Updated March 23, 2017

Digital cameras, when they are excessively used, can freeze on you. Canon cameras have a reset function that can shut down your camera then power it back up. Resetting is mainly needed when the LCD screen has frozen while viewing or taking a picture, according to the Andy Ozment website. The reset function can help you skip a call to a Canon technical representative or sending the camera back to the Canon headquarters.

Press and hold the "Menu" button for about five seconds.

Release the "Menu" button. This will prompt a "Reset Settings to Default" menu. Navigate and highlight the "Yes" option.

Complete the resetting by press the "OK" button on the digital camera.

Press the "Menu" button then press the "Up" button until the top folder is highlighted.

Press the "Right" button until you see the last folder, which is the "Language" folder. Press "Down" until "Clear Settings" is highlighted.

Press "OK" to prompt the next menu. Scroll up and press the "OK" button to reset your Canon camera to its default factory settings.

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