How to Make a Model of the Eiffel Tower Out of Wire

Updated April 17, 2017

One of the finest pastimes for a leisurely weekend is craft and model building. Making the Eiffel Tower out of wire, however, is not an easy task for someone who doesn't have a keen eye and a long experience of model building. The key, however, is patience and practice. If the first attempt goes poorly, instead of getting upset, use it as a guideline for future attempts. In the end the goal is to create something that can be cherished for a long time, and the reward will surely outweigh the cost of labour.

Get a feel for the structure being built. Look at pictures of the Eiffel Tower and determine how it's put together. The tower is designed in two sections: the first section is the base, which resembles the legs of a bar stool, and the second section is the tower, which is fixed firmly atop the base.

Search the Internet for finished versions of the model. This will allow you to determine if you are on the right track with your own model.

Decide how large the model will be. A scaled model will require an extra degree of caution and technical planning. The height of the tower is approximately 320 meters or 1,052 feet.

Lay a piece of newspaper flat and place the dowelling on top (the dowelling should be worked to opposite corners). Take the corner edge and roll the paper tightly around the dowel. Tip: the first three steps are optional. The newspaper will provide added support, but is not entirely necessary.

Use tape to secure the loose corner of the newspaper so that it doesn't come undone. Take the dowel out.

Place a length of wire through the newspaper tube and tape an end so that it doesn't slide out.

Bend the wire into the shape of the tower. Make four of these legs and tape them together at the top so that they resemble four tapered rods hanging together. Take another piece of wire and bend it into a square; place this square over the tapered end and slide it toward the other end that is not tapered. Attach each leg to a corner of the square.

Use a glue gun to create a series of triangular structures down each side of the tower (think of the truss in a roof).


For increased strength, use small pieces of stiff paper cut into the shape of the joint, and then glue the wire in place. Do this for all four sides.

Things You'll Need

  • Newspapers
  • Masking tape
  • 1/4 inch dowelling
  • Stiff wire (coat hangers, or roll)
  • Glue gun
  • Wire-cutting pliers
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