How do I remove wax from a wood table?

Whether from dripping candles or careless kids, unwanted wax often finds its way on to various types of wood furniture, especially wooden tables. However, removing wax is a relatively easy problem to solve without damaging your wood table. With care, you can avoid the need to refinish the wood table; simply polish the wood after removing the wax in order to restore the glossy finish on the table top.

Speed the cooling time of the wax by placing an ice cube over the wax. Hold another cube or handful of ice on the underside of the table, directly below the melted wax. This speeds the cooling time and prevents the heat of the wax from melting the polish finish on the wooden table. Apply the ice to crayon wax as well to make the thin layer of crayon easier to remove.

Scrape the large clump of wax off the kitchen table using either a soft plastic scraper or an ordinary plastic credit card. Slide the edge of the scraper or card against the side of the cooled wax and apply pressure to push the wax loose. If the wax refuses to come loose in one piece, you should continue pushing on the edge of the wax or scrape it loose in shavings. Use this same process to scrape away as much crayon wax as possible.

Dip a soft and lint-free cloth in lemon oil and rub the remnants of wax with the cloth. If this does not pry the wax remnants loose, try rubbing the wax again with a nylon scrubbing sponge dipped in lemon oil. Follow the grain of the wood to prevent noticeable scratches on the table top surface.


Cover splotchy and dull-looking areas left behind after removing the wax by spot polishing those dull areas.

Things You'll Need

  • Ice
  • Soft plastic scraper or credit card
  • Lint-free cloth
  • Nylon scrubbing sponge
  • Wood polish (optional)
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