How to Hook Up My PS3 to a Philips HDTV

Updated February 21, 2017

Output video from Sony's PlayStation 3 brand of computer entertainment and gaming systems to a variety of televisions including Philips' High Definition televisions, also called HDTVs. Use any one of multiple cabling methods to hook the gaming system to the television, including audio-visual cables, sometimes called AV, component or High Definition Multimedia Interface, also known as HDMI cabling. The PS3 ships with an AV cable for use, but obtain best results with the component or HDMI interfaces.

Review the back of the Philips television and identify the types of video connections possible. If there's a spare HDMI jack, marked "HDMI In" or similar, you will use that connector for both audio and video. If there isn't a spare HDMI connector, but there is a spare set of three component jacks labelled "Component In" or similar, use those for video. If there's no available HDMI, or component inputs available, use the AV cable -- that's the cable with the yellow, red and white plugs. Yellow is the video and the audio is carried on the red and white wires. Insert the cable into the jack, or jacks.

Look at the back of the PS3 and you'll see a set of plug sockets. The power input is the plug on the far right. The "AV Multi Out" connector is immediately next to it. The optical digital audio cable is next. The "HDMI Out" connector is the second plug from the left, and is to the right of the "LAN" or local area network connector. Connect the video cable you selected in the first step. Then connect the optical digital audio cable between the PS3 and the Philips if you are using the component video cable.

Turn the Philips television on with the "Power" button. Turn the PS3 on with its "Power" button. Select the type of settings using on the PS3 by choosing "Settings," then "Display Settings" and then "Video Output Settings" and press the button marked "X." Select the type of cable used, for example "HDMI" and press the forward arrow button to view the selection. Then confirm the selection with the "X" button. Follow the same procedure for the audio output. Choose "Settings," "Sound Settings" and then "Audio Output Settings."

Press the button marked "Input," or "Source" on the Philips to toggle between connections until the PS3 output shows on the screen.


HDMI cable carries both audio and video.

Things You'll Need

  • PS3-specific Component cable with generic optical digital audio cable or
  • HDMI cable
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