How to Save Label Templates on Microsoft Office Word

Written by foye robinson | 13/05/2017
How to Save Label Templates on Microsoft Office Word
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Microsoft Office Word includes label designs with existing dimensions, making it easier to create and customise labels. If you can't locate a label size, simply create one. Word gives you two options: create a new label in the Label Options dialogue box or create a sheet of labels and save it as a document template. Creating a sheet of labels allows you to customise it with your own image and text.

Select the "Mailings" tab in the ribbon.

Click "Labels" from the "Create" group.

Click "Options" at the bottom of the "Envelopes and Labels" dialogue box, under the "Labels" tab.

Click "New Label" at the bottom of the "Label Options" dialogue box to create a label template.

Enter a template name in the "Label name" text box.

Insert the label dimensions for the label you want to create. Click "OK" to save the label template.

Select your printer and label options. The label is saved under "Other/Custom" by default for the "Label vendors. To place the label elsewhere, select a different vendor from "Label vendors." Click "OK."

Go to the label design you created in Word 2007.

Click the Office Button and select "Save" and "Word Template."

Choose "Trusted Templates" from the left pane in the "Save As" dialogue box.

Type in a file name for the label template and click "Save."

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