How to Delete Pages in OpenOffice and Word

Updated July 20, 2017

OpenOffice and Microsoft Word are word-processing programs with similar features and functionality. Both allow users to create and edit documents of varying page counts. In addition to creating new documents and pages, users may need to delete a page from within a document. There are two main methods for deleting a page from a document. Both function the same way in OpenOffice and in Word.

Highlight all of the content on the desired page by left-clicking in front of the first word and dragging the cursor to the last character on the selected page. You should see the text highlighted in a different colour.

Click the "Delete" or "Backspace" key one time. This will erase all of the highlighted content from your document. Regardless of which program you are using, a blank page will normally remain after the text is deleted.

Click "Delete" or "Backspace" a second time to remove the blank page from the document.

Place your cursor at the end of the blank page. Do this by pressing the down arrow key until the cursor cannot go down any further or by pressing "control" plus the "end" key.

Click "backspace" repeatedly until the page is deleted. Slowly pressing the "backspace" key instead of holding it down will ensure that you don't accidentally delete text on the previous page.

If using "backspace" doesn't work, place your cursor after the last line of text on the page prior to the blank page and hold down the "delete" key until the page is deleted.


Change the font size of the last blank line before the page break to two. For a full or nearly full page, this will ensure that a new page is not created after the line break. Try adjusting the margins to fit more text on a page. This will allow you to reduce the total number of pages, and will automatically delete that pesky blank page that sometimes appears at the end of a document.


If you accidentally delete a page that you want to retrieve, click "control" and the "Z" key to undo your mistake. Likewise, selecting "Edit" and "Undo" will also return your work to the previous state.

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