How to restart kerberos in linux

Written by kristen waters | 13/05/2017
How to restart kerberos in linux
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Kerberos is a method of authenticating users across a network. Users only need to type their password once before gaining access to multiple machines or network services. Kerberos runs as a service on the Linux operating system. If changes are made to this service, such as any configuration changes or restoring from backup, it must be restarted for the changes to take effect. Only the root user can start and stop system services.

Open a terminal window. The "Terminal" application can be found under "Accessories," "System Tools," "XShells" or "Utilities," depending on your distribution. It may be called "XTerm" or "Konsole."

Type the command "su" to become the root user. Provide the root password when prompted.

Type the following three commands to stop Kerberos:

/sbin/service krb5kdc stop /sbin/service kadmin stop /sbin/service krb524 stop

Type the following three commands to restart Kerberos:

/sbin/service krb5kdc start /sbin/service kadmin start /sbin/service krb524 start

Type "exit" to close the root session.

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