How to Breed a Pink Beta on "Fish Tycoon"

Updated July 18, 2017

In Last Day of Work's aquarium simulation game "Fish Tycoon," you begin with one fish tank and a handful of fish. By breeding different types of fish, you can create new species, with your objective being to create the Seven Magic Fish of Isola. Several breeding combinations will result in a pink beta fish. Each fin combination below will always result in a pink-finned fish, and each species pairing below will always result in a beta fish. Combine any one fin pairing and any one species combination to produce a pink beta.

Breed two pink-finned fish or a pink-finned fish and a snubbed-finned fish.

Cross a fish with a silky fin with either an orange-finned or an oriental-finned fish.

Breed a tiger-finned fish with either a canary-finned fish or an orange-finned fish.

Cross a hornet-finned fish with either a wasp-finned or a canary-finned fish.

Breed a fish with a fanned fin with either a snubbed-finned or a wasp-finned fish.

Breed a beta fish with either another beta fish or a pigmy fish.

Cross a carp fish with either a bananafish or a pigmy fish.

Breed a grouper with either a quicksilver fish or a spotanus fish.

Cross a leaffish with either a bananafish or a quicksilver fish.

Breed a stickfish with a spotanus fish.

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