How to Factory Restore a Fujitsu C Series Lifebook

Written by robert ceville | 13/05/2017

Restoring your Fujitsu C Series Lifebook back to its original factory condition can remove problems that you may be experiencing within Windows. Corrupted registry files and viruses can leave your computer virtually unusable, but a factory restore can make your Fujitsu as functional as it was the very first day that you brought it home. Restoring a Fujitsu C Series Lifebook takes only the set of recovery discs with which your computer came.

Power on your Fujitsu C Series Lifebook and press the "F12" key upon start-up. This will take you to your computer's BIOS screen.

Select the "Boot" tab, choose "Boot Sequence" and press "Enter." This is where you tell your computer from where to boot. In this case, you want to select the CD-ROM drive.

Use the computer arrow keys to scroll through the various boot options and select the CD-ROM drive as the first in boot priority.

Hit the "F11" key to save and exit the BIOS.

Insert your Toshiba C Series Lifebook recovery disc and restart your computer. Your computer will now boot from the recovery disc.

Press any key on your computer keyboard when prompted to do so. This will tell Windows to boot directly from the recovery CD.

Click the "Next" button as soon as the recovery screen appears.

Select "Recover Without Formatting" from the list of recovery options and verify that you wish to proceed with the process. The recovery process can take up to two hours. Upon completion, your computer will restart.

Things you need

  • Fujitsu C Series Lifebook recovery discs

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