How to Edge Wallpaper

Updated March 23, 2017

Edging wallpaper used to be done just around the ceiling; those days are gone however, as wallpaper edges are now put around windows, doors, mirrors and anything else a creative person can imagine. If you have a formal dining room, you might put an edge along a chair railing or at the height of where a chair railing would go if there is not one there. Let your imagination go and get creative and use edging to change the look of your rooms. That is a lot simpler than redoing the entire room, and the results will surprise you with the new look it will create.

Choose a wallpaper edge for your decorating project. There is such a wide variety that you won’t have a problem finding one you like or one that will go with your existing colours if that is what you want. You can always just get the edge you like and change your wall colours if you feel ambitious and want a totally new look.

Decide how and where you are going to apply the new wallpaper edge. You can use it as a border around anything you want. You can make horizontal or vertical or even slanted stripes on your walls.

Measure the place where the edge wallpapers will go. For example, if you are edging the top of a wall in a bedroom, measure the length of the wall from corner to corner where the edge will go. Roll out the wallpaper to the length you need and add a couple of inches; 2 inches is enough. Cut the piece from the role, using an Exacto knife. Roll the wallpaper back up and take it to a place it in the bath tub to get it wet. Do not let it soak through, but get it good an wet.

Put the wallpaper edge in place, which will take two people to do properly. Starting in one corner, place the wallpaper's beginning edge squarely in the corner of the room and slowly unroll it along the wall. Keeping it straight and tight as you unroll it, sticking it to the wall with the glue side down. The second person follows along behind the first person with a flat stick, like a paint stick, smoothing the wallpaper out as it is unrolled and stuck to the wall. The second person gets out any wrinkles that might appear as the wallpaper is applied. When the other side of the room is reached, the wall paper is placed all the way into the corner. The extra 2 inches is folded back; a crease is made at the corner, and the excess is cut away with the Exacto knife.

The procedure in Step 4 is repeated where ever the edge is placed until the job is done. If the edge wallpaper is not being used along the edge of a wall or around something with an edge, to keep it straight you must make sure that you start off straight. As long as you start straight, you should have no trouble maintaining a straight line. If you go crooked, the wallpaper will not lay flat, and you will know immediately and will be able to easily correct the situation by pulling the wall paper up where it is crooked and straightening it. Throw away your trimmings as you go and you will avoid having a mess to clean up when you are finished.

Things You'll Need

  • Pre-glued wallpaper edge
  • straight edge stick
  • bath tub
  • Two small step ladders
  • Exacto knife
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