Software to Play CDA Files

Updated February 21, 2017

You can play Compact Disc Audio Track files, known as CDA files, on your computer using several of media players available to PCs in 2010. Sometimes, you may have to modify your media player's settings before playing the CDA files in order for them to work.

Windows Media Player

The standard media player that comes with Windows can play CDA files, but you must first register the CDA file type. To do this, open the Control Panel from the Start menu and click on "Folder Options," then "File Types." In the "Registered File Types" list, scroll down to CDA and click on it. If "Windows Media Player" is not displayed already, click "Change" and select "Windows Media Player" from the "Open With" list.


The WinAmp program, developed by Nullsoft, is a high-fidelity music and video player developed for Microsoft. CDA is one of the 74 different file extensions that can be played with the WinAmp program, although users may have to go through the process detailed above to register WinAmp to play that file type.

KM Player

The KM Player is a media player developed by Pandora TV, and can be customised to play many different media file types. It also contains special features such as slowing down or increasing playback speed, or selecting parts of a media file as favourites. The player supports 46 different file types, CDA included.

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