How do I view add or remove program lists on a remote pc?

Written by tara cantore | 13/05/2017
How do I view add or remove program lists on a remote pc?
Adding and removing programs can be done remotely. (Mann am Computer image by R.-Andreas Klein from

The Add/Remove Programs Wizard is a feature of the Windows operating system that makes it possible to centrally manage all installed programs and files. If you have a remote Windows system that needs to have its applications managed, it will be vital to quickly reach this section of the operaitng system. By using the Windows Remote Desktop utility and a quick Run command, you'll be able to pull up the Add/Remove Programs list instantly.

Press "Start" and enter "mstsc" without quotes. Press "Enter."

Type the IP address or hostname of the computer you would like to connect to remotely. Press "Enter."

Provide your username and password for the remote computer when prompted.

Click "Start" on the Remote Desktop and click "Run."

Enter the text "appwiz.cpl" and press "Enter."

Scroll through the "Add/Remove Programs" list to see all applications installed on the remote PC.

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