How Do I Clean Burn Marks From a Chrome Motorcycle Exhaust?

Updated March 23, 2017

Motorcycle exhausts heat up quickly when the motorcycle is in use. Riders should be careful to avoid touching the exhaust while riding. Often times a rider's boots will touch the exhaust, creating burn marks on the exhaust. In addition, a bike will develop black burn marks on the exhaust over time. Regular cleaning of the motorcycle exhaust system can keep the burn marks to a minimum.

Mix a small amount of automotive soap with warm water. Wash your motorcycle exhaust with this solution and a clean rag. Depending on how bad the burn marks are, you may need to use the soft-bristle brush. Remove as much of the dirt, grime and burn mark as possible.

Allow the exhaust to dry completely. If you see any spots on the exhaust, it may not have been cool enough prior to cleaning.

Rub a small amount of chrome exhaust cleaner into the burn marks with a clean rag. Use the soft-bristle brush to help remove any remaining burn marks. Repeat the process until you have removed the burn marks.

Rinse the chrome cleaner off the motorcycle exhaust with warm water. Dry with a clean rag.


Always clean your motorcycle exhaust after the exhaust pipes have cooled down. Purchase automotive cleaner and chrome exhaust cleaner from your local automotive store or motorcycle store. Use the chrome cleaner periodically to avoid the build-up of burn marks, dirt, grime and grease. The time frame will vary depending on how you use your bike.

Things You'll Need

  • Automotive soap
  • Water
  • Soft-bristle brush
  • Chrome cleaner
  • Rags
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