How to Make a Dreamcast Boot Disk

Updated July 19, 2017

Dreamcast was the last Sega video game console before the company changed its business model to concentrate solely on video game design. In later years, the Dreamcast became popular for being able to play games burnt onto recordable CDs. Playing burnt games on a Dreamcast requires the use of a boot disk. Boot disks, such as Utopia, are free to use, but can only be burnt using special software. DiskJuggler is free and can quickly burn multisession CDI files, which are required for boot disks.

Download "Utopia Boot Disk v2." (See References for a link.) Unzip the "Utopia Boot Disk V2" RAR file.

Download "DiskJuggler Demo." (See References for a link.) Open the "Setup.exe" file to install the program.

Click "Next" at the welcome screen.

Click "I accept the terms in the License agreement." Click "Next."

Enter your user name. The "Organization" and "Serial Number" boxes are optional. Click "Next."

Choose "Typical" install. Click "Next."

Choose the program destination folder. Click "Install."

Wait for the installation to complete. Click "Close."

Open "DiscJuggler" from your desktop. Double-click on "Burn Disc Images."

Click on the "Source" icon. Open the "Utopia Boot Disk V2.exe" from the browser window.

Insert a CD-RW into the computer's CD-RW drive. Click "Yes" when you're asked, "Would you like to continue?"

Select "Start" to begin the burning process.

Wait for the burning process to complete. The CD will eject after completion. Remove the CD to use on your Dreamcast as a boot disk.

Things You'll Need

  • Blank CD-RW
  • CD-RW drive
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