How to Make a Website Your Homepage on a Mac

Updated February 21, 2017

The Apple website is the default home page for the Safari Internet browser and Mozilla is the default home page in Firefox on your Macintosh computer, but it can be changed to any home page you choose through the browser's general preferences. Websites that contain little to no images are ideal as your home page, because content-heavy websites can delay loading speeds when opening your Internet browser. After the default home page is changed, the new home page will automatically load whenever Safari or Firefox is launched.

Click the "Safari" icon on your Macintosh screen's Dock, and enter the URL of the website you wish to use as the home page in the URL field at the top of the browser window. Click "Safari" on the menu bar in the top left corner of the screen.

Click "Preferences" on the submenu and click the "General" tab in the Preferences window.

Highlight the URL in the "Home Page" field and press the "Delete" key on your keyboard to erase the current URL. Type the new URL into the blank field. Alternately, click the "Set to Current Page" button underneath the "Home Page" field to set your home page as the current website displayed in your browser window.

Click the red button in the top left corner of the General window to save the settings and exit the window.

Launch Firefox and delete the current URL from the URL field in the Firefox window.

Type the URL of the website you want to use as the home page and press the "Return" key to access the website. Drag the icon in front of the URL to the "Home" icon in the browser window.

Click the "Yes" button on the dialogue box to confirm you wish to set the current website as your new default home page.

Things You'll Need

  • Safari 3 or later
  • Firefox 3.5 or later
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