How to Use the Fingerprint Reader on the Dell E4300

Written by collier jackson | 13/05/2017
How to Use the Fingerprint Reader on the Dell E4300
Some Dell E4300s are equipped with a fingerprint reader. (fingerprint image by dip from

With your new Dell E4300, you might feel like passwords are a thing of the past. The fingerprint reader allows you to access your computer by a simple swipe of your finger. However, the software and security chip that powers the fingerprint reader are not produced by Dell. They are produced by Wave and the software is the Embassy Security Center. Enabling your computer to use fingerprint authentication requires configuring both the chip and the software.

Restart the laptop.

Press the "F2" key on the keyboard while the computer is still booting.

Open the "Security" settings category.

Choose "TPM Security."

Change the TPM Security state to "On."

Press the "Esc" key.

Select "Save / Exit" and continue with the restart.

Open the Embassy Security Center program.

Click on the "Preboot Manager" tab.

Use the Fingerprint Enrollment Wizard to authorise your fingerprints with the software. Register at least two of your fingers.

Return to the "Preboot Manager" tab.

Choose your passwords. Both a system and hard drive password are not required. You can choose both or just one.

Click on the "Windows Login" tab.

Check the "Enable Security Windows Login" box.

Choose the "Biometric" option in the "Authentication Type" drop-down.

Click on "Apply."

Click on the "Preboot Manager" tab.

Click on "Advanced" options.

Click on the "Login" tab.

Check the "Automatic logon" box.

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