How to Time Lapse a Photograph With a Canon EOS 1000D

Updated March 23, 2017

Time-lapse photography is a series of pictures of the same scene taken at a determined interval over a long period of time. Mainly used in cinematography, the technique can be applied using digital single lens reflex cameras like the Canon EOS 1000D. The Canon EOS 1000D was released by Canon in 2008. The camera does not have the ability to record video but takes stunning still images through the use of Canon's Digic III image processor.

Install a fully charged LP-E5 Canon lithium battery and a empty SD memory card into the Canon 1000D. Attach the camera to a tripod.

Turn the exposure mode dial located on the top of the camera to shutter priority by turning the dial to "Tv."

Press the "Menu" button on the rear of the camera and select the first red "Camera" icon that appears on the screen. In this menu select "quality" and change the setting to "RAW" by pressing the "Set" button on the rear of the camera. Press the shutter release button slightly to exit from the menu functions.

Set the ISO to 400 by pressing the "ISO" button located on the top of the camera and pressing the directional buttons on the rear of the camera until "400" appears on the screen. Press the "Set" button to program the camera.

Open the protective door on the side of the camera opposite the shutter release. Insert a remote timer into the middle port. Program the timer to trigger the camera at the intervals you have selected.

Turn on "Live View" by pressing the "Set" button. Compose the picture you want to take. Press the "Timer Start/Stop" button to commence the time-lapse shoot.

Things You'll Need

  • Remote timer
  • Tripod
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