How to Build a Wheeled King Size Over the Bed Table

Updated April 17, 2017

The standard dimensions of a California King-sized bed (the king-size bed sold most often in the United States) is nine-feet wide by eight-and-a-half feet long by two-and-a-half feet high. These epic dimensions for the most luxurious of sleeping vessels makes it somewhat difficult to find an over-the-bed table on wheels that will fit its royal size. Building a table for this purpose is fairly easy and a novice carpenter can easily make a beautiful table in the home workshop. Using oak plank and veneer will give the over-the-bed table a rich look which is befitting of the king of beds.

Round the edges of the two-inch thick oak plank using the router. Then sand the top, sides and bottom using the medium-grade sandpaper and sander. Sand the leg posts using the medium-grade sandpaper, too.

Drill holes into the bottoms of the leg posts for the wheel casters using the power drill and wood bit. Attach the leg posts to the two-inch thick oak plank using the power drill and wood screws.

Stand the table upright. Paint a layer of wood glue on the table top. Get extra glue over where the screws for the legs are located. Place the oak veneer onto the table and press down firmly. Clamp the veneer onto the table top using the C clamps spread out evenly around the perimeter of the table. Allow to dry for 48 hours.

Remove the C clamps once the glue has dried and cured. Use the sander and fine-grade sandpaper to blend the edges of the table so the plank and veneer look like one piece of wood. Sand the table legs lightly for a smooth finish.

Stain the table and legs using the wood stain of your choice. Allow to dry overnight and then varnish the table with high-gloss polyurethane. Again, allow to dry overnight.

Turn the table on its side and screw the wheels and casters into the holes you created for them in Step 2. Turn the table right-side up and it is ready to use.


This table project can be adapted to any sized bed. Amend the project with the furniture's dimensions and follow the steps in the same order.

Things You'll Need

  • Nine-foot by two-foot section two-inch thick oak plank
  • Nine-foot by two-foot section of oak veneer
  • Wood glue
  • Paint brush
  • Eight C clamps
  • Four three-and-a-half-foot table post sections
  • Four wheels on table casters
  • Power drill with wood bit
  • Router
  • Four five-inch thick wood screws
  • Sander
  • Medium- and fine-grade sandpaper
  • Stain
  • Brush
  • High-gloss polyurethane varnish
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